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Toddler Room

Country kids toddler room

The toddler room



The toddler room caters for 25 children from 2 to 3 years old. The large room has a carpeted area for soft play and a hard floor area for games and activities.  It is light and airy and has access to the main playground as well as having a viewing area of the working farm.  The toddler room is welcoming and extremely well equipped with educational toys and games.


Country kids toddler room home corner

Anyone for tea?




The Toddler room is a hive of activity, whether the children are baking biscuits, getting messy with gloop or learning pencil control, it’s all great fun.  Outings for toddlers normally consist of small groups of children and staff exploring and learning about the local area or getting some physical play at the park or soft play.  We will ask for your permission to take your child out when you register.  The children eat a healthy lunch together at tables. Most then have a nap after lunch on their own sleep bed with a blanket in a quiet area, whilst the other children play quietly at the other end of the room.

The emphasis in the toddler room is learning through play and the children have a free choice of a wide range of activities.  In this room children are encouraged to become more independent and thrive on interaction with their peers alongside a supporting key worker.





CountryKids gathering the eggs

Gathering our eggs

The activities in the toddler room focus on developing skills such as:

• Communication – listening and speaking, enjoying stories, recognising labels, mathematical ability –familiarity with shapes, numbers, colours and vocabulary
• Independence – meal times, toilet training, selecting toys and general physical development
• Co-operation in play – taking turns and sharing in small and larger groups
• Creativity – through exploratory play, music, free painting and modelling
• Self-Awareness – respecting themselves and the needs of others

When their key worker feels that they are ready, the Tots are gently introduced to this room and their new key worker a couple or weeks before their 2nd birthday.  This introduction normally takes place over a number of weeks until the child is used to their new room and friends.