silage making at country kids

1st cut of silage at Seaview Farm

Down on the Farm


At this time of the year the fields should be looking their best.  All the crops are in full growth making good use of all the rain we have had lately!  At Seaview Farm we snatched our first cut of silage and got it home and dry over a 24hour period on 18th/19th May between showers.  This will be good feeding for the cows during the winter.  Fertilizer has been sown to help the growth for a second cut which will be baled to feed to young stock and ponies.




The first early potatoes have had the plastic removed which was keeping them warm and helping growth.  They should be ready to start harvesting from the beginning of June.  The nursery children always enjoy the new baby boiled potatoes.

cows in field at country kids

Its a hard life!





The cows always enjoy this time of year with an abundance of fresh grass and nice mild weather… even if they do get wet now and again!