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The Police come to visit!!

Posted on: May 25th, 2016

DSCF1867Pre-Preschool had a visit from 3 policemen on Tuesday 26th April, and they arrived in their big police van!! It was very exciting, and even had a few parents cautiously entering the car park!! The police were very friendly and let the children see all the different equipment that they use to catch the baddies!!!




They showed them their hand cuffs and even tried them out on a few little monkeys, though some of the kiddies were not quite so sure about being handcuffed up!!!DSCF1888





DSCF1886They also got to see the bulletproof vest and the police explained how important it was for them to wear one during their work so they didnt get hurt.



The children loved wearing the policemens hats and pretending to drive the police van, they even let us pop the siren on…. which was rather noisy!!!DSCF1876



DSCF1890For the more adventurous kiddies, the policemen opened the holding cell in the back of the van, and allowed them to get into the cage!! They explained that this was were they put the baddies until they got them to the police station!


The children (and staff) really enjoyed their visit from the police. We learnt that it is always good to listen to their mummies & daddies and that the police are always there to help us if we need them!


Thanks for coming PSNI, please visit us again!!DSCF1868