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Toddlers toddle of to The Transport Museum!

Posted on: March 15th, 2016

IMG_8214The Toddler room was all a buzz last Wednesday morning, as they were going on a very special trip to the Transport Museum! The children have been learning about different types of transport that we use and this was a super opportunity to get up close and personal!!



Once we were all aboard the Moo Bus & Moo Car, we got strapped in and ohh we had lots of little bums bouncing with excitement!! It was very appropriate to drive along singing at the top of their voices ‘The Wheels on the Bus’ and also managed to convince Michelle to toot the horn a few times!!



When we reached our destination, off the bus we jumped and marched in pairs to the entrance…. let us in, let us in!!! We were all very good as we sat for a few minutes watching a safety clip and listening to the man, then the fun began!!¬† We sat on a bench at one of the platforms waiting for the train to turn up, we then got turns to pop inside the big train and see were it all happened!! We pretended to fuel it up and that was when we heard lots of ‘choo, choo’s’ going on!!IMG_8221



Once we reached our next stop we hopped onto another carriage, this one was a lovely red colour and in we went to explore the seating arrangement!! Oh there was plenty of room for all, we all slid up and down on the hard benches¬†but happily agreed that our mummy’s & daddy’s car’s were much more comfy!!


IMG_8222We also spotted a old fire engine, it was very shiny looking, we would’ve loved getting the siren going and seeing Fireman Ian with his fire hat and hose!!



We were all very tired by the time we got back to the bus but had a super time!! We even got special books to bring back to show our parents…. what a super day!!