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A walk around Mount Stewart!!

Posted on: May 5th, 2015

 Preschool enjoyed a nature walk around Mountstewart grounds.  The excitement in the vehicles was high as we headed down the bendy road to Greyabbey  with a few children asking ‘ Are we there yet?’!!!  We arrived in great time being a whole 10 minutes early but the lovely ladies at the reception let the very excited children in….thankfully!!!


 So our two map readers did a great job at picking the route we would take and with their command off we went to find the ducks!  Thank goodness we remembered the food for the ducks as we also met a very hungry swan!! Whilst we were feeding the ducks we learnt that the ducks were Mallard ducks and the ones with the lovely blue & green heads were the Daddies which were called Drakes and the mummy ducks were just called ducks!  Did you know that swans are very special and are under the protection off the Queen?!


We all loved the different colours of the trees and the lovely flowers, some of the girls collected  some petals for their mummies!  The grass was still rather wet from our rain the previous days so we had to find somewhere dry to eat our snack, unfortunately for all those little legs it meant climbing up lots of steps…. they certainly worked up an appetite!! 


We walked right the way around the lake which resulted in some huffing and puffing going on but that soon vanished when they were told they could go climb on the trees branches!! I don’t think we could’ve fitted anymore children on the one branch!!! We were very impressed by the amount of fearless boys & girls that were itching to get higher and higher on the branches!!




The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves but I think they were glad to get back onto the Moo Bus & Cars to rest their legs, we even all managed to stay awake on the return trip home….. success!!